Proces industry

Our area of expertise includes the oil, gas and petrochemical industries; we produce various internals from high-grade exotic materials for various Consultancies. 
Ommeren Metaaltechniek BV specialises in the assembly and welding of materials which are used in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries such as ferritic, austenitic, unalloyed, low alloyed and creep-resistant steel and special material types such as:
Corrosion and/or heat-resistant alloys such as 254SMO®,904L, Sanicro® and nickel-alloys Inconel 625, 825, Hastaloy X and 750 but also nickel/copper alloys such as Monell® 400-500 and titanium.

High-class welding

Our organisation is ISO 9001-2015 certified and complies with the EN3834-2 standard, our welding procedures meet the EN-15614/ASME IX standard and our welders meet the ISO-9606/ASME IX standard.
Our organisation meets the corresponding quality welding technology requirements, our welding methods guarantee that the mechanical values of the welded materials are maintained and our welders have the required skills and expertise. 

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